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I think it would be useful to just begin by posting my definition of the Digital Humanities. It helps me think through how to classify my various activities.

Digital Humanities (DH) is an umbrella term for a variety of practices, methodologies, and forms of scholarship unified by a mutual interest in the humanities and the digital. The Digital Humanities, ever plural, at once denote a social community, a tactical term, a mode of research, and an object of research.

And, it might also be useful to post a short bio here so others might get a better idea of who I am and what I do.

Dana Solomon is a PhD candidate in the English department at UC Santa Barbara. He has an interest in the intersections of contemporary literature and technology, media studies, and the digital humanities. Dana is currently the Research Fellow for the Transcriptions Center at UCSB, and is an active member of the 4Humanities initiative as well as Alan Liu’s NEH-funded RoSE project. Dana is currently writing a dissertation on the critical history and present of data visualization, specifically in the context of its application in the digital humanities. ┬áHe is concerned with the ways in which social science methodologies have been imported into the humanities, and how this might reconfigure notions of writing and reading. More info. at Twitter: @danasolomon

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Hello World! Enjoy your Day of DH!