Fasten Seatbelt when Seated

March 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Digital Humanities means different things to different people, and no two definitions are the same. Of course that’s one of the purposes of Day of DH, to document and discuss what it is, and what it means.

I recently found myself trying to sum DH up to a new audience, a stand-up comedy audience. I was taking part in Bright Club, where academics and researchers educate and entertain a public audience through the medium of comedy. I found myself introducing the traditional humanities disciplines, technology and computing. Then loosely placing DH in the middle, floating about freely, willing to engage with anyone. I did provoke things: is DH ‘too cool’ for traditional humanities scholars, and do we ask ‘textured’ questions that simply don’t fit Computing Science?

The gig was an amazing experience, the audience laughed their heads off, and it even counts on my CV as public engagement. But did I inspire any future DHers? Only time will tell.

P.S. If you ask nicely I may be able to point you in the direction of an mp3 of the gig. It’s properly full of grown-up content!

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