My day of DH in outline

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Here is an outline of my day of DH. I was appointed Lecturer in Digital Information Studies in UCL in September 2011. One of my most favourite things about being an academic is how much variation there is from day to day. Actually, apart from trying to write for two hours every morning (with the emphasis on ‘trying’ – sometimes I just sit there randomly hitting keys but it’s the act of trying that seems to be the most important part) and lecturing on certain days of the week little is fixed and predictable.

Early morning: writing in my study at home

My study at home









Mid-morning: interviewing Willard McCarty in my office in UCL for the Hidden Histories project that Anne Welsh and I have

Willard McCarty being interviewed by Julianne Nyhan in UCL










Early afternoon: MA Supervision. Pictured is Manan Vohra and Sandina Miller, two students fromĀ our wonderful cohort of MA/MSc Students in Digtial Humanities (2011-12)

UCLDH students Manan Vohra and Sandina Miller









Mid-afternoon: Off to meet with the team members of the Montefiore Testimonials Digitisation project. I gave a short lecture and discuss the schema that I’ve built for the project so that the manuscripts can be modelled in TEI.


Early-evening: To Senate House for a reception and the launch of the Early English Laws project (I know little about the content but find the resource fascinating from a dh perspective; the historians who spoke at the launch made clear just how excellent they think the resource is content-wise)

Late-evening: back to King’s Cross to get the train home

Homeward bound

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  1. Hi Julianne, a perfect posting in pictures! Is that a parrot on your chair? James

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