A one post type day of DH

March 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

its the Day of DH! hurrah. Except my run of bad luck on the day of DH continues. Last year I was ill. The year before, my computer keeled over, irrevocably. The year before I could really partake as I was on maternity leave (not bad luck, just meant I couldnt play along). And this year sees me laid up with another infant-related malady which means I am at home, feeling sorry for myself, blogging from my sickbed. Sigh. But that’s the nature of work, I guess: there are sick days, and especially when you have infants in the house, you have to factor them in.

What I was going to do this year was two things: work on the final text for a funding bid which is due in to council at the end of the week, and just generally keep on top of email. I was going to take the lead from Mary Beard’s blog, where she had documented her entire email inbox for the day. I have over 100 emails sitting waiting to be answered – that seems to be becoming usual, although I try and get to inbox zero, it just keeps rolling in. I had figured that this would show the range of things I am dealing with – from PhD student chapter drafts, to funding bid costings, to iPhone app making, to buying promotional material for UCLDH, to managing the UCLDH gmail calendars which seem to have gotten out of hand, to handing in the final version of our new edited book, to chasing up other editorial matters on another edited book in press, to getting comments back to press on my next book proposal, to drawing up an abstract for a conference, to answering potential student queries, etc etc etc. Sometimes I joke that I am a professional email answerer. I wouldn’t be far wrong, some days. Other days, I am trapped in meetings, and it just keeps a coming…

But I dont have the energy to do that today. I wanted to post something here as I think this is a fantastic initiative. I’m now going to do what Academics are really very bad at. Shutting down the computer and walking away, and resting, when they should. I hope to – have to! – be better tomorrow for that final push on the funding bid for the end of the week. Have a good one – and I hope to read your posts soon. Just not on the actual day of DH. Pout.