Cloak, dagger and lack of suds

March 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today is an aptly busy DayofDH; and starts off with the discovery that the washing machine isn’t working.

Mostly, I am working on a grant proposal, for completion by the end of the week. Naturally, until the submission deadline has passed, one becomes paranoid about disclosing ideas, so this will be awfully abstract.  The proposal is largely two fold; it’s based on an extensive set of archive documents that are currently being digitised, and our job will be to a) carry out some relativey straight-forward academic analysis on the contents, and b) to promote re-use by all sorts of exciting user engagement activities. We’re pretty sure we know who will else will be bidding, so have a progress meeting this morning to identify all the unique points in our bid that can be highlighted.  This is only slightly complicated by the fact that the research fellow who will be doing the bulk of the work is at home with a sick child: an opportunity to find out whether the webcam on my netbook actually works, by starting up skype. A few days ago I spotted the Fellow commenting on a facebook thread that a friend – and researcher on an entirely separate project – had started about the NHS bill; I’d no idea they knew each other!

Mid-morning, we get confirmation from one of our suggested collborators that he would like to help.  This is great news – he’s the go-to authority for the area that he will advise on, and this means he isn’t working with any other groups. Yay! But, we need to add some unexpected travel expenses into our costings, which were already submitted last week. I feel a grovelling email coming on…

After lunch, a meeting with a Catalina, a masters student who wants me to supervise her dissertation.  It will involve the comparison of several sources of retail store location data, and testing the different coverage.  Her first degree was in biology; I wonder whether there are ecological statistics that can be re-applied…

In the project that I’m doing the proposal for, we’ll be doing some visualisation of quantitative data contained within the digitised assets, so I spend some time mocking up a sample of this, and explaining the directions that we will be taking this in.  But d’oh! I hadn’t transcribed all the data I need, so back to the archive before I go home.  Am I going home to work? Well, yes obviously, but first to dig out the invoice for the washing machine, and see whether it is still under guarantee…


Hello world!

March 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

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