Enhanced Scholarly Publications… and Wrap-Up

March 27, 2012 in Conference, Evening, Home

I went to a seminar part of the Centre for e-Research seminar series, then cycled back home, had some dinner put on comfy pants and ready to relax after a long DH day. Here are a few notes about the seminar.

Enhanced Publications in the Social Sciences and Humanities: tensions, opportunities and problems - Andrea Scharnhorst, Nick Jankowski, Clifford Tatum, Sally Wyatt, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Netherlands (abstract)

Each of the three speakers gave a short talk. They ranged from a general discussion of enhanced publication to an actual project they’ve been working on. Enhanced publication typically involves the inclusion of collateral information around a central text, such as research data, link and hooks to and from other resources (if web-based, this was presented as implying Linked Data / Semantic Web).

The project presented is an enhanced publication of four books that features a WordPress-based structure with Linked Data features, extra content (multimedia), author pages with growing bibliography, etc. Quite fascinating really and this brief summary doesn’t do it justice. More information is available on the project website.

I am interested in the topic of enhanced publication, but mainly for editions of pre-existing text rather than new text. It’s a subtle but important diffrentiation. So, what I gathered from the talk was mainly a list of interesting resources to look at and consider more carefully in the future. An extract:

And that’s all folks. It’s been a good experience writing summaries of what I did during the day and let my fingers run through the keyboard with some quick reflections. I’m looking forward to next year DayofDH, but the computer goes off now.

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