Digital Scholarship in the Humanities seminar, part 1

March 27, 2012 in Afternoon, Lab, Learning

Our colleagues from the Institute of Educational Technology here at the OU hosted a great seminar today, and gave me plenty of inspiration for further work.

First up was Martin Weller, who blogs as The Ed Techie. Martin gave an inspiring presentation on “Digital Scholarship: 10 lessons in 10 videos”. Briefly, his ten points were that Digital Scholarship

  1. Is not just for geeks
  2. Has researchers caught in a dilemma: embrace the new ways, or continue with the old ones that lead to tenure and promotion?
  3. Interdisciplinarity now resides in the network
  4. We are all broadcasters now: in a long tail content production system, all academic outputs can be turned into digital resources
  5. We are operating in an attention economy: universities are based around a pedagogy of scarcity, but what is the pedagogy of abundance?
  6. We need to rethink research: start now and do something useful, without waiting for the money to come around
  7. New skills will be required: video editing, visualisation, networking, analytics, data curation, writing for online audiences
  8. It’ll impact even if you ignore it: e.g. conferences nowadays are amplified digitally
  9. It’s about alternatives: the old models (e.g. in publishing) are not dead, but they live in a new ecosystem
  10. Don’t just focus on the risks: think also of the benefits of open systems

Martin’s presentation is available on Slideshare if you want to know more.

The next two speakers in a later post!

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