March 28, 2012 in Admin Service, Email, Project Work, Teaching

Despite knowing it was coming up, I actually forgot it was Day of DH until late afternoon when catching up on email I saw it in the Humanist post. So in the spirit of this as part survey of DH work patterns, I’m summarizing my earlier activities here:

6:30 yoga–hurray that I made it this week!–then get kids ready for school, with a bit of email and quiz-writing and showering thrown in; then planning class discussion on drive to office; then meeting with students; then teaching Dracula and trying to convince my students that in many respects that world is so much closer to theirs than the mid-19thc before the before the IT explosion started (though it was anticipated); then office hours with email and some admin thrown in; then a banana and a granola bar for lunch; then the regular weekly meeting with CWRC staff, which this week was mostly about named entities, data migration, and data merging. Then off to daughter’s cello lesson,–then an hour of work in which I did my first two posts alongside some admin — then to the domestic baking with the kids for a school trip fundraiser, and making supper (actually, supervising their making supper–sweet!), reading and all that bedtime stuff (yes, @tanyaclement, kissing them goodnight), and then here I am back at it again but aiming for bed by midnight, so signing off now to do just a couple more things in the admin line. Looking forward to looking at more of Day of DH activities tomorrow.


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