Round up of the day

March 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

The day ended up going pretty much according to plan. (it’s now the day after!)

We had a grand lunch time meeting about DH at Oxford where my colleague Erin Snyder was presenting her work and activity around setting up this network and organising its activities, an interesting discussion about internal vs external visibility of DH@oxford ensued.

I then resumed transcribing and spent the rest of the day transcribing (only interrupted by my visit at he dentist’s). Progress is slow but will prove invaluable for the further analysis I need to make.


What I expect today to be made of

March 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s a rather late start for me today, as the bus broke down and I had to wait until the next one. I was never an early-bird, but today I’m in later than usual – and waiting for the next bus in the sun wasn’t that bad really! :)

Except for an appointment at the dentist’s (no that’s not in my typical day!), today is free of meetings. I’ll be alternating between transcribing the videos I took of the interpretation sessions of the Assyriologists I work with as part of my AHRC fellowship (they’re looking at Proto-Elamite tablets like the one of which portions can be seen in the header) and catching up with literature on embodied cognition. Video transcribing is a daunting task; it takes forever, but it is the first necessary step to my analysis of the cognitive processes involved in the act of interpretation of ancient textual artefacts.

On my calendar also for today: a departmental DH lunch meeting. The Oxford e-Research Centre, where I work, is a very inter-disciplinary non-teaching department, and those lunches aim to informally update all others about what we’re each up to.

And now, on with transcribing!

Gearing up for Day of DH

March 26, 2012 in About Day of DH, Location, Office

This is the second year I’m participating in Day of DH, and I’m really excited about it. Since last year, much has changed – although seemingly not. I’m still at Oxford, but now I’m working on my own project through a fellowship (an overview of the fellowship subject can be found on my about page); it’s almost as if I’ve found a way out of the post-doc conundrum (“almost” only, because the time of the fellowship also needs to be used to consolidate my status as an “independent researcher” within my institution – but then that’s the whole continuous funding hunt, which is by no means an exclusivity for post-docs and research fellows!)…

Tomorrow Tuesday will be a rather typical day, and drawing on last year’s experience, I’ll try to keep my posts short so that the reflective aspects of the day do not occupy all my day…