End of the day roundup

March 28, 2012 in Home, Uncategorized

I’ve had to leave completing these posts until the following morning as I simply didnt have time to update this as I went along. I had saved a slot in the late afternoon but I suddenly had two problems (both student related) come my way that needed my attention.

As earlier, this was a day at home which means catching up with admin and emails and doing some reading. I needed to read through a project bid to check what was expected of us and to prepare notes for a first steering group meeting on Friday.

Simon Mahony at his desk at home

After lunch I put on a shirt (yes, I feel I need to make the effort – as they do) for two skype interviews with applicants for our Masters programme. Both were fine, keen and enthusiastic and I’m happy to forward the paperwork this morning and recommend that we make them an offer. Interviewing by Skype is interesting and I like the video which allows me firstly to gauge the applicants reaction to my questions and secondly to test their command of English by checking to see if they’re reading from a script!

This was followed by two further skype meetings with a close colleague to discuss students progress (or lack of!). One of which was prompted by an email from a student who has got themselves into difficulty. Their circumstances change they need to be able to adapt otherwise it’s very unsettling for them. I need to check on our regulations today to make sure I give the best advice and guidance.

That put me behind and I didnt get finished until about 19:30 after which got organised and booked hotels for a break over the Easters vacation. Something to look forward to and now I can plan :-)



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The major difference (for me) with this year’s Day of DH is that it falls outside of term time. I’m not sure why that is but I remember putting pix of me ‘at work’ with students and guests the first year; the following was reverse-engineered when finally home from a busy day of meetings. This year I’m at home (all day) and resisting the urge to go for a walk over the open expanse of urban green-belt (Barn Hill) behind where I live. It is a glorious sunny day here in North-West London and, as I’m sure many of you know,  that is a rarity.

Lunchtime and so moving away from my desk!



Today’s ‘to-do’ list

March 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Crossings things off my to-do list.

First up: prepare some material for a meeting on Social Media Knowledge Exchange at Cambridge on Friday. Sounds like fun and it’s always a nice trip on the train for an away-day!

What’s next: catch up with emails.

BTW and to be clear: term for us finished last Friday so this week is spent mostly catching up with everything that’s been put on hold and getting things organised. Oh yes, and processing applications for the next academic year.


Hi there

March 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

This is my third contribution to Day of Digital Humanities and starts with a quick post ‘about me’.

I’m Teaching Fellow in Digital Humanities at the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities.
My main tasks are teaching (obviously!) and I’m Programme Director for our MA/MSc in Digital Humanities

My background and training is in Classics and I’m one of the founding editors of the Digital Classicist and an Associate Fellow at the Institute of Classical Studies, London.

The first issue of the day was to sort out the correct login details. I guess we all have too many WordPress accounts!


Hello world!

March 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Welcome to Day of DH 2012 Sites. We recommend that you test out the software with an About Me post, either by editing this post or deleting it and writing a new one. Enjoy your Day of DH!