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For many years in the Humanities Computing program at the University of Alberta, I considered myself to be one of the advocates for design in DH. Now that I am in a design school, I have reversed the polarities, so to speak, and have become primarily an advocate for the digital humanities in design. It is a rich international environment here, with some awesome students and faculty members from all over the world.

For example, in the fall, I taught a course called “Prototyping for Hermeneutic Inquiry” where the students learned a bit about DH and the agenda of attempting to produce new online systems to help scholars with the task of interpretation. One of those students, Stylianos Makridis, will be presenting a paper about his work this summer at the annual conference of the Society for Digital Humanities (SDH/SEMI) in Canada. He was interested in producing an information dashboard for comparisons of public speeches.

In this jpg, you can see three of my other colleagues, who I found just finishing their tea when I returned from lunch. On the left is Keiichi Sato, who has a background in design engineering and does research in design theory and methods. He is also a genius of managing design information, holds a named research chair, and coordinates our PhD program. He and I share the office where the photo was taken. Next to him is Mauricio Bernardes, here on sabbatical from his design professorship in Brazil. On the right is Shao Lin, also on sabbatical, from mainland China. She is holding a brochure from the design program at Loughborough University in England, left with us yesterday by a visiting speaker, Mark Evans.

Three awesome design faculty members from three different countries

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  1. I so much want to take that class, Stan.

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